Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Gosh, we are so flexible we are practically made of rubber.

Imagine this... you're trawling the Internet through hundreds of thousands of boring, seen it all before invitations, save the dates or favours, and then you come across possibly probably the most amazing things you've seen so far in your wedding search - ORIGINAL WEDDING TEA TOWEL! That's us (hi x)

And now you're thinking to yourself, gosh I really love their, say, Love Story design but I wish I could say something different on there, maybe even be in a different language, perhaps include a picture of our pet pooch Bumfluffywuffy or add our own venue to make it that bit more personal. Oh well, they obviously can't help with that so I guess I'll carry on looking at more yawnfest ideas until I work out what I am going to do...

Well HOLD IT RIGHT THERE OUR WEDDINGY FRIENDS! We can totally help. If you love one of our designs but have your own idea then that is totally fine. Check out this example above, one personalised dog friend and an invitation completely in Icelandic!

We've also:

  • Included so many of your own venues that we must have nearly every wedding place on file (don't ask me though as I will never be able to find them again!)
  • Added your children to be with the couples or playing on the hills
  • Included hobbies like walking, cycling, music or skiing
  • Added your furry friends from tiny birds to massive horses
  • Changed countless lady birds to butterflys / horse shoes / flowers
  • Changed hearts to moons or birds to ducks
  • Erased hot air balloons from the horizon with just one click
  • And many, many more

... I think you get the point. Every single design is created totally for you so we can do whatever you want. 

So there it is, talk to me. I'm Karen - karen@weddingteatowels.co.uk - or check out our gallery here:

Bye for now.
Karen xx

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

*whispers* There's only 11 more weeks until C********..

That's 81 days today or, if you prefer, 7,052,90 seconds (7,052,89, 7,052,88... ).

I'll admit, I have given Christmas a teeny weeny bit of thought already, I'm not exactly excited about it yet as such... but I can definitely feel that it's in the air. Ben & I pretty much have one eye on the big guy in red from the second we step foot back on UK soil after our summer holidays.

So just a gentle mention now so it's been said, everyone wants to hand out their amazing wedding tea towels to their friends and family whilst they're doing their mass socialising over the holidays so if this is you, my advice, get in there with your order as soon as you can. That way, you'll know you've got them ready to wow your guests in plenty of time.

Now, I won't mention the big C again until December... (although I probably will).

See you soon,
Karen xx

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Tie the Knot (this is the last time I will mention it, promise)

 In case you've been hiding from us for the last two days, you might have heard us mention (one million or so times) that we went to our first wedding show in a very, long time at the weekend. 

The one we chose to (re) debut ourselves at was Tie the Knot, a unique and eclectic wedding carnival, and I have to say, the whole thing was absolutely perfect for us. The lovely couples who came to meet us were right up our street and were so in to our lovely wedding tea towels that it made us feel all warm, fuzzy and most importantly, totally creative.

So massive thank you to everyone we met from the all important lovely couples, to the gorgeous fellow suppliers, to the fab families of soon to be wed couples that were scouting on behalf of their loved ones.

We had a blast!

In the meantime though, if you want to chat anything over then do email me on karen@weddingteatowels.co.uk or you can see all our designs right here. 

Maybe meet you all again soon!
Karen & Ben xx

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Invites that are definitely more BANG for your buck and here's why...

1. They're awesome. Look at this table ERUPT when they realise they've got wedding tea towels as invitations. "I've never seen anything like this in my life!".

2. Our service. I am Karen, and I run this company (with Ben... but he takes a more silent role!) and I LOVE WEDDINGS! And not to brag but I'm super friendly and helpful and will talk to you about your wedding all day long if you want me too... quite happily! Don't believe me? Want to know what other couples say about me then you can see them here.

3. Free A5 evening artwork with every wedding tea towel order. That's your evening invitation artwork sorted then. They'll match your wedding tea towels so everything will go together perfectly.

4. RSVP and Information card artworks are available too. Beautifully designed and as a complete set will look stunning.

5. RSVPs will come flooding in and they will be CREATIVE. Words can't help me here. The pictures are all you need to see...

So that's why our wedding tea towels will totally rock your wedding! Email me now to chat karen@weddingteatowels.co.uk or take a look at our designs on our site and choose your favourite so we can get started.

Karen xx

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Not one... but two NEW DESIGNS.

It's been an INCREDIBLY creative month over here and we're delighted to show you what we've been working on these past few weeks. Not one, no no no... TWO brand new designs. 

Introducing 'Wonderland'...

The illustration is full hand drawn by Ben. My husband! *proud face*

The banners and flags are out and everyone will be so ready to celebrate your special day. I am so in love with it that I might marry him again just so we can use it. 

 It. Is. Everything! Everything that an original wedding tea towel should be and I can't imagine how amazed your guests would all be to receive this creative masterpiece. 

To see the full design in all the colours and with all the supporting evening invites, RSVP and Information cards then go take a look here. 


Introducing... Triple Love Score

To celebrate connecting your lives together forever, begin by connecting your names together forever, on this Scrabble inspired invitation that will take pride of place in your guests kitchens for many years to come. 

We can pretty much guarantee they will Love (7pts) it and won't be able to wait to see what else you have in store for them.

If you want to see more of this design and all the supporting stationery for evening invites, RSVP and Information cards then... here you go.

Or to see the rest of our designs, take a look at our designs page. If you have any questions, email me on karen@weddingteatowels.co.uk

Bye for now. 

Karen & Ben xx

Monday, 22 August 2016

A story of a couple who go off on holiday and THE most exciting stuff happens... and they miss it all.

WE WERE ON HOLIDAY AND WE WERE FEATURED ON MARIE CLAIRE... and the tragedy is, that we didn't even know. Darn having no internet when you go away and this amazingness that happens the day after you leave.

But still massive smiles that we were lucky enough to be included and that they think we are one of the 15 most beautiful wedding invitations. I have to say, I agree.

This one above is our Secret Garden design but if you'd like to see all of our other designs then take a look here or if you have any questions then email me on karen@weddingteatowels.co.uk

Thanks and special message to the press, thank you and please please please keep 'em coming!

Karen x

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Wedding Tea Towels... not just for weddings y'know.

What the heck! It's a wedding tea towel... but it's not for a wedding! It's for a 70th birthday celebration. And we don't mind one bit, in fact, we the opposite of don't mind, which is... umm... we're really happy about it. 

Take a look at the party and our wedding tea towels in action and if you've got something a bit different you'd like to use wedding tea towels for, then just ask! We're very friendly I promise and the answer is usually going to be a massive Y.E.S!

To see all our designs take a look at our site or if you've got any questions or anything you'd like to talk through then email me on karen@weddingteatowels.co.uk, I love to chat tea towels!

See you later
Karen & Ben x

Thursday, 11 August 2016

My superpower...

Some have super strength, some have x ray vision and some have bad ass kung fu fighting skills. Me? I have the power to... sniff out a wedding. Literally ANYWHERE IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

Take our recent holiday for example, we were cruising around the Mediterranean, perhaps not much chance to spot a wedding for you regular folk but for me, easy.

We got off the boat... I mean ship (you're not allowed to call 'her' a boat apparently) in Italy and off we went on a bus to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and look what was going on. A wedding. I mean that's got to be up there with the best as a pretty special place to get married.

Then, on the ship, I just went for a wonder around the decks and what do I spy happening in The Bridge? You guessed it.

I did also see another bride but I was walking behind her and thought she'd think I was bonkers if I started taking her photo so you'll just have to trust me on that one.

So, there is it. Wherever there is a wedding, I will be there. No sweat.

Hope you're all having a lovely Summer and doing lots of lovely things.

Bye Bye for now.
Karen x

To see all our wedding tea towel designs and for all the info you could need then take a look at our website or drop me an email:

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Dogs + Weddings = Ultimate Happiness

What do people love almost as much as they love weddings? That's right! Pets.

... and what do pets like almost as much as they like food and cuddles? That's right again! Our wonderful wedding tea towels. Let the proof speak for itself.

Massive thanks to Ernie to letting us use his pic on the blog. He's awful shy...

And look at this guy, wearing his as a cape. He's so suave. 

So they say pets are the best judge of character and turns out that's true. 
We are really nice people!

Come and say hello to us sometime on karen@weddingteatowels.co.uk or check out what we do first.

Bye for now
Karen x

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

When Wedding Tea Towels met Bears & Butterflies...

It's not often we meet another fabulous husband and wife duo so I was super excited when Rebecca from Bears & Butterflies got in touch so we could compare notes...

Firstly, massive tent love for these guys. Just feast your eyes on this romantic scene.

Then take a look at the full blog post to find out why we decided to start Wedding Tea Towels and if you're just not that bothered about the business mumbo jumbo then discover what three items I just can't live with out... Ooooooohhhhhh I hear you cry! Go now and then tell me your three things in the comments below.

Bye for now
Karen x